festival regulations


1. GENERAL INFORMATION The documentary film festival hamburg is hosted by the dokumentarfilmwoche hamburg e.V. Documentaries related to the City and region of Hamburg of all kinds and lengths may be submitted.

The person or institution submitting the film is responsible for clearing all rights to the content of the work relevant to the film’s use at the festival. They furthermore indemnify the dokumentarfilmwoche hamburg against all third-party claims in connection with the screening at the Festival.

The preview copy including all required materials has to be submitted by 31 December 2023 at the latest. The completion date of the film should not be older than two years by the time of the festival (April 2024).

For previewing purposes please send us an online link to your film, preferably a downloadable Vimeo link. Please note, that one-time online links cannot be accepted. Downloads are also accepted, but please delay the the expiration date as long as possible. If the spoken language is neither German nor English, subtitles in one of those languages are mandatory.

Possible formats for the screening copy are DCP and other digital formats, 16mm and 35mm. BetaSP, DigiBeta, Blu-ray or DVD are also possible. If the spoken language is neither German nor English subtitles in one of those languages are mandatory.

All potential costs of submitting and providing a preview copy are paid be the applicant. All submitted preview copies remain in dokumentarfilmwoche hamburg’s archive and cannot be returned. The cost for returning the screening copy is covered by the festival. All submissions from non-EU countries have to be labelled ’No commercial value – for cultural purposes only’.