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Single ticket full-length: 10 Euro / reduced 8 Euro
Single ticket overlength: 12 Euro / reduced 10 Euro

Festival pass: 40 Euro
Festival pass reduced: 30 Euro
Festival Passes are only available at the Festival Center or at the cinema. Access for Festival Pass holders to our events can only be guaranteed if the screenings are not sold out.

Tickets for the Metropolis are available online, for the B-Movie and 3001 online reservations are possible. For Lichtmess and fux Lichtspiele only box office is available.

Access to the exhibition and the position events in the festival centre is free of charge.


If you want to be accredited for the festival, please contact We charge a fee of 35 Euro. Access to our events can only be guaranteed if the performances are not sold out. Accreditations can be picked up at the festival center or by appointment.Access to the exhibition, the workshop talks and the book launch is free of charge.


3001 Kino

Schanzenstraße 75 (in the courtyard)

Online reservation possible


Brigittenstr. 5

Online reservation possible

fux Lichtspiele

Bodenstedtstraße/ corner Zeiseweg,
entrance via the cube, 1st floor right

Box office only

Lichtmess Cinema

Gaußstraße 25

Box office only

Metropolis Cinema

Kleine Theaterstr. 10

Festival center with info counter and exhibition ‘Documentary listening’

Wednesday to Saturday, 10 am to 6.30 pm, Sunday 12 noon to 6.30 pm

frappant gallery in the fux eG
entrance via the cube, Zeiseweg 9, ground floor staircase c

Panels in the morning

frappant gallery in the fux eG
entrance via the cube, Zeiseweg 9, ground floor staircase c

Lunch break

cantina fux & ganz in the fux eG
entrance cube, Zeiseweg 9, entrance cube, ground floor left


SLOT in the fux eG

Friday and Saturday from 10 pm

entrance via the cube, Zeiseweg 9, basement


Introduction to the film program: Questions for the present

On this occasion, a revision of historical events runs through this year’s programme. The invited filmmakers work with archive material, recover estates and allow contemporary witnesses to have their say. They call for remembrance and reconsideration, asking questions about our present from the perspective of the past. A present that seems to be increasingly characterised by mutually exclusive positions, whose polarising discourses cannot do justice to the complexity and contradictions of our world. But it’s not just a look at history that characterises this edition’s programme, we also look at the present and the future with the filmmakers. At the everyday and the extraordinary, at workplaces and in virtual worlds. Under the label dokland hamburg, we are showing films by both young and established Hamburg filmmakers, and Klaus Wildenhahn’s audio play can be experienced in the fux Lichtspiele.

We are cooperating with the Harun Farocki Institute to bring two films into dialogue and are continuing the discussion format that began in 2021 with the ‘Panel on Colonial Reappraisal in Documentary Film’ with a discussion on documented activism and activist films. Karin Berger’s sensitive portraits of contemporary witnesses tie in with last year’s special on Sinti*zze and Rom*nja in film. Together with the Week of Remembrance, we commemorate the Hamburg peace activist Fasia Jansen and, based on two archive films on the Spanish Civil War, we attempt to draw conclusions for the fight against European fascism in a panel discussion.

We start the days at the festival centre in the fux eG in Altona with discussion events. You can also visit our exhibition and programme there: Together with Deutschlandfunk Kultur, we will be presenting radio features from the archive under the title ‘Documentary Listening’. After a joint lunch break, we’ll go to the cinema: Metropolis, 3001, Lichtmeß or B-Movie, as we only play one cinema a day.
We look forward to seeing you there!